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Don't Lose Hope: How to Get Motivation to Study

Many students suffer from the menace that's procrastination. There's always that one perfect reason why you must leave study until tomorrow, and the cycle continues to repeat. While certain procrastinations are negligible, it becomes problematic when your regular programming shifts study hours.

Many things could lead to procrastination and disinterest in studying. It could be the need to relax more or the fear of not understanding the study area. Another reason for procrastination and losing energy to study college students is depression. A depressed student can't get their act together and study because everything feels bleak to them.

However, motivation plays a role in helping students navigate this stage. Through compelling motivation, students build the hope that helps them reach towards study again. But, it isn't with effort, considering how difficult it is to encourage and motivate yourself to study. This article is a practical guide on how to have motivation for school even when it's hard.

Tired & trusted motivation tips for studying

If you've ever been in a situation where you've lost motivation to study, here are some practical ways to find courage again.

  1. Get a good rest

When our bodies don't get enough rest, it's difficult for them to function accordingly. Symptoms of lack of rest are crankiness and inability to focus. You quickly lose the motivation to study once you're battling with tiredness. So, the first studying encouragement to give yourself is adequate rest to allow your body to get enough rest.

  1. Remember why you're in college

Introspection is often the key because it brings clarity and the zeal to keep pushing. Situations that cloud our minds often obscure reality. When you're struggling to find the motivation to study, try reminding yourself why you're in college in the first place. Is it just to get some degree, or it's for something you're aspiring to?

  1. Find your perfect study spot

Lying on your bed to read or reading in the room might be why you can't stay motivated. How about finding a spot outside your room that motivates you to study? It could be a scenic place, a library, or anywhere that feels quiet enough to calm your racing thoughts.

The brain reacts to what it perceives. A scenic environment or quiet place puts you in a suitable head space to study. Step outside your room to study often makes all the difference and brings motivation.

  1. Disconnect from social media

The psychological effect of social media on the human mind is real. When you spend time on social media before studying, you overextend the mental energy you're supposed to direct toward studying. A harmless scroll through social media before studying could affect your entire study plan without realizing it.

Your mind internalizes what it sees; suddenly, you can't keep studying without realizing your time on social media impacted that.

  1. Join a study group

Sometimes the zeal is never there, no matter how you try on your own. That's why study groups exist; they help students form a supportive study system to keep them afloat. The hope students get from study groups is insurmountable; it's a relief to see everyone do the same thing together.

Importance of hope for college students

Hope is just as important as determination and hard work in college. Here are some reasons why hope is important for college students:

  1. It gives students the reason and motivation to study even in challenging situations.
  2. It helps students develop multiple strategies to attain goals
  3. It clears your head and helps you prioritize your study
  4. Hope activities for students help them identify goals and paths to achieve them
  5. Hope enables students to build excellent academic performance.


College is not easy, but hope makes all the difference. It is an essential quality every college student must imbibe. It lightens the blow when the going gets tough.

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