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Graduation Requirements
Graduation Requirements

Students must earn a minimum of 24 credits as described below to earn a diploma from the Chicago Public Schools. 

 English I
 English II
 English III
 English IV
 [4 Hours] 

 Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry.
 (Students successfully completing Algebra and/or Geometry prior to entering high  school will follow an appropriate three-year math sequence.)
 [3 Hours] 

 2 years of Laboratory Science, which must include the following:
 Earth and Space Science
 Environmental Science
 [3 Hours] 

Social Science
 World Studies
 United States History
 and one other Social Science course.
 [3 Hours]

World Language
 Two years of the same world language. 
 [2 Hours] 

Fine Arts
 One year of Music
 One year of Art or Drafting. 
 [2 Hours] 

Physical Education
 One year of Physical Education I/Health or ROTC I/Health
 Physical Education II/Drivers Education or ROTC II/Drivers Education in 9th and  10th grades.
 [2 Hours]

Career Education CTE programs
 advanced academic/fine arts options or ROTC III, ROTC IV
 [2 Hours]

 Selection of an additional three courses not already listed above. 
 [3 Hours] 

Non-Credit Bearing Requirements

Service Learning
Three approved classroom-integrated service-learning projects that amount to a minimum of forty hours. Twenty hours must be completed by the end of tenth grade. 

Consumer Education
Complete a course integrating consumer education curriculum. 

Public Law 195
Demonstrate knowledge of U.S. and Illinois constitutions as part of subject-area curricula and/or Constitution test. 

Public Act 93857 requires students to take the Prairie State Achievement Examination (PSAE) as a condition for receiving a regular high school diploma.